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Gia-Gina Across the Pond

So I've decided to follow my husband to his native Italy. Follow our adventures as we eat, drink, travel, adapt to and explore this remarkable country. Part food blog, part photo blog but mostly my rants and raves. After our two years in Italy, we relocated across the Atlantic "pond" and are back in the States.

Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Fun Filled Week

Let's see where do I begin? Irene, Umberto and Giordano arrived a week ago. Their luggage was lost for a day then recovered and delivered to the apartment. Thanks Delta Airlines!

We immediately signed Giordano up for intensive private English lessons at the local Berlitz office near us and he is taking lessons 4 times a week at 9 am(2.25 hours a day) for about a month. He is doing well and tries his best to speak with Tia in English. They play games together and do little chores around the apartment together. With the lessons over in the morning we have time to have lunch together before we head out for the afternoon. We are playing tourist and have been all over the city.

We wanted to take Irene, Umberto and Giordano out to eat good Japanese and Chinese while they were here and everyone was up to the challenge. Giordano tried sashimi and seaweed salad at the Japanese restaurant and Irene tried chicken feet and jellyfish at dim sum. They were all very adventurous. Umberto is not a fish eater but he liked edamame, seaweed salad and chicken teriyaki.

So far so good. Irene and Umberto decided to take off for Canada so they could do a bit of exploring on their own. We don't know when we'll see them again but hope they make memories while they are on their road trip.

The fantastic veiw from Highland Park.

Giordano finally masters chopsticks.

Irene needs more practice with her chopsticks and takes lessons from Giordano.

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