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So I've decided to follow my husband to his native Italy. Follow our adventures as we eat, drink, travel, adapt to and explore this remarkable country. Part food blog, part photo blog but mostly my rants and raves. After our two years in Italy, we relocated across the Atlantic "pond" and are back in the States.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Cutest English Pupil Ever

Share Video at DropShots.com

This is Chiara, one of my English students. She loves talking to the dog in English, one of her favorite phases is "Zavey, where's the ball?"

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At 5:06 PM, Blogger Connie and Rob said...

Well she is a doll. She is doing very well with her english. I think the pup is loving her attention.


At 5:35 PM, Blogger Godknows said...

Your dog looks' so cute. enjoyed reading your posts. How can you add the video in your blog? Have a nice day

At 10:35 PM, Blogger H. (aka. NC_State_Gal) said...

Too cute! The dog and the kid ;-).

At 11:42 AM, Blogger GC PHILO said...

Wow, this video thing is pretty cool. I love the dog trick!

At 5:38 PM, Anonymous Deborah said...

I lika the Drop Shot!

Cool stuff.

At 12:46 AM, Blogger Cynthia Rae said...

They are sooooo freaking CUTE! My Dad was just telling about how he is adding video clips to his web site. Looks like you figured out how to do it. Is it hard?


At 1:04 AM, Anonymous Oliver said...

Hi Gia, being a web-geek at times and by choice, I have to say nice job on the embedded video! And obviously, it's the content that counts - too cute!!

At 2:36 AM, Anonymous rowena said...

Arghghghgh! This is so bleeping unfair that I can't see this. I loathe dial-up, it just takes too long.

Gia, wowwee on the haircut! That's what you call talent!

At 3:53 PM, Anonymous trench said...

He looks adorable. Is he yours?

At 9:22 AM, Blogger Gia-Gina said...


He as in the dog right? The child is a girl not a boy.


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