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Gia-Gina Across the Pond

So I've decided to follow my husband to his native Italy. Follow our adventures as we eat, drink, travel, adapt to and explore this remarkable country. Part food blog, part photo blog but mostly my rants and raves. After our two years in Italy, we relocated across the Atlantic "pond" and are back in the States.

Friday, January 06, 2006

The day after New Years we had a little dinner party of 14 people. I made the dinner and Demetrio and a friend Marco provided the wine. The bottle to the far right (the blue one) is a normal sized bottle. We polished off three giant bottles, three mangnums (1.5 L). Thank goodness I did not wake up with a hangover.


At 2:46 PM, Anonymous angelika said...

How wonderful ! Such an evening is unbeatable, and what we have in our memory can never be taken away from us any more.... I am happy for you that you have found such a great family and friends in Italy, I am sure you deserve it !! Happy New Year and take care, angelika
A big kiss back from Gino to Zavier !!!!

At 4:32 AM, Blogger Cynthia Rae said...

You saw my picture after ONE glass! hehehehe!

Wishing you all the best in the new year!


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